Non government organisation Center for education development and affirmation (NGO CEDA) has multidisciplinary approach and promotes importance of education as proces of adoption of knowledge, building skills and habits, ability development, adoption of the system of values  and rules of behavior that constantly combines  formal and informal, individual and colective, spiritual and material and
lasts whole life.
NGO CEDA pays special attention to youth and consider that active participation in social life is backbone of every well organised country. Young people have accumulated energy for entrepreneural activism, better ability of learning, flexibility, inventiveness and computer literacy, that must be supported by adequat formal and informal education.
Beside that, NGO CEDA advocates for access that all acters in educational process (student, parent, professor, mentor) participate in creation of  educational process.
It is not enough that people adopt certain amount of knowledge and with that finish their waz of learning. Since present knowledge and skills faster and faster become obsolete,
continuous learning is neccessary, ie. lifelong learning that NGO CEDA pays special attention by organising projects, educations and workshops, and publishing and promoting appropriate publications – prospects, books, and manuals.
Obrazovanje Education Bildung NVO CEORA