Non-government organisation Center for education development and affirmation (NGO CEDA) is the first and only organisation in Bosnia and Herzegovina that promotes bihevioral, interdisciplinary economy approach. Iz combines economy and other sciences to describe economical behaviour.
By analysing causes and effects of economy decisions of people, institutions, companies and other market stakeholders, through economical, psychological, sociological, culturological and other relevant factors that have effeect on economical behaviour, conditions for full economical potential that is developed in accordance with real needs are created.
NGO CEDA organises and collaborates on different projects, organises educations and workshops to promote cases of study in economy behaviour, entrepreneuerial activities and free market,development of human potentials, constructive work of public institutions and non-goverment sector.
Ekonomija Economy Ökonomie NVO CEORA

Also, we consider financial literacy of all members of society, especially of young people is very important. Financial literacy is necessary for personal development and enables people to be responsible member of society, to understand and influences social processes.

Ekonomija NVO CEORA