Our values

The Center for Education, Development and Affirmation (NGO CEDA) maintains, nurtures and develops its organizational culture which is a reflection of the values in which the organization and all its members believe and represent.
Our values are:
Ethics – We insist on behaviors based on ethics and honesty. We expect the same behavior from all our members.
Transparency – We submit financial reports to all those who financially support our work.
Teamwork – Nurturing a culture of openness, we encourage all members to improve their strengths, recognize and face their weaknesses, and to constantly strive to achieve the ambitious goals they have set for themselves.
Openness – One of the strongest sources of our success is our members, especially young people and women whom we give the opportunity to propose and implement their ideas.
Enthusiasm – With our motivation and dedication, we encourage, motivate and inspire others.
Entrepreneurship – We are enterprising, we take risks, we do what we love and we explore new opportunities.
Innovation – We solve problems in a creative way through creating ideas, learning from others, connecting new technologies and best practices.
Sustainability – We think about the future and strive to meet the needs of the present in a way that does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
Our values NGO CEDA
By implementing projects in the areas of action, the NGO Center for Education, Development and Affirmation (NGO CEDA) seeks to contribute to the achievement of set goals, and thus the vision and mission.