Areas of action

NGO CEDA is realisating projects from four areas of action :
1. Education
2. Upbringing
3. Ecology
4. Economy
Areas of action NGO CEDA


NGO CEDA throug multidisciplinary approach is promoting importance of education as a proces of adopting knowledge, building skills and habits, development of abilities, adopting system of values and rules of behavior that lasts whole life. That approach consists from mixture of formal and nonformal, individualy and collectively, spiritual and materijal.
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CEDA through a comprehensive approach promotes universal values as continuing process of building, developing and shaping a man. Every time brings its challenges and difficulties that are reflected on upbringing children and youth. Although, today we have a lot of advantages, we have a lot of challenges to which they are exposed as the most vulnerable part of society.
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CEDA through unique approach promotes ecology as a science that studies relationship between lining beings, their impact on environment, and impact of environment on them. Ecology and ecological laws are of great importance for modern man. The NGO CEDA is committed to adopting an ecological way of thinking and acting.
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NGO CEDA is the first and only organisation in Bosnia and Herzegovina that promotes bihevioral, interdisciplinary economy approach. It combines economy and other sciences to describe economical behaviour.
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Areas of CEDA work – education, upbringing, ecology and economy are accorded with Sustainable development goals.